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ShowBox App Download – Show Box APK Download for Android: This is the era of internet and mobile smart devices. The mobile smart devices that we carry along with us can be coupled with the Internet to create a whole ecosystem of some of the most powerful tools in the world. These mobile smart devices have the capabilities of doing many of our day to day tasks easily. Shopping, paying bills online and even entertainment.

We all love watching movies, TV shows and more and with the help of today’s technology, we can actually watch any TV show made in any part of the world with ease. You can choose to watch a Spanish TV show if you wish to even if you are living somewhere else and the internet will provide you the means to watch that show. All this is possible because of our mobile and computers that can take advantage of the high speed internet connection that we have nowadays with us. We can choose to be connected on 3G, 4G etc. and we will be able to connect to the internet with some really good and high speed. Thanks to this high speed, we can download the TV shows and watch but downloading and watching these TV shows take time. Why you ask? Well, first you need to find a source to download these TV shows and then if you download some unknown format, you need to find a media player that can play those formats. This is an additional headache and takes time. I know many people who have wasted so much of their time with these processes.


ShowBox App Download – ShowBox APK for Android

One good solution to all this is streaming the show or movie directly to your device which is a really feasible option taking the high speed internet connections into consideration. Streaming has many advantages over downloading the stuff you want to watching. First of all, you do not have to wait – at all. All you need to do is have a good streaming service that you can use for yourself and then you can watch your chosen shows whenever you wish to – wherever you wish to do so. Now what service do we use in order to stream these things on our devices. There are so many services like Netflix, Hulu and more. But all these are very costly and not feasible. Above all that, they are not even available in many places. This is not a good thing in the modern age. The solution to this is to use an app that one can use easily on any device. One such app is ShowBox. The ShowBox App is one of the best apps to watch your favorite TV shows and movies.

There are many apps that you can use to watch your TV series or your movie on your mobile devices. But the question is, which one works best and has the largest collection of them all.

ShowBox is basically an app that you can use to watch free movies and TV shows on your Android device. It is currently one of the best free apps available on Android that will allow you to watch TV shows and movies for FREE and that too in HD quality.

Sadly, ShowBox Download for the app is not available on Play Store yet but with the open nature of Android, it is really easy to side load it on your Android device.

In this post I will tell you how you can easily install ShowBox on an Android device which can either be a tablet or a phone and this tutorial will work for both of these devices.

Without any further ado, let’s start.

How to Download & Install ShowBox App with Show Box APK

Step 1: Download

Before we move any further, we need to do a few things and the first thing will be to download the ShowBox APK. The ShowBox APK is for the setup of the app on the Android device and hence it is important to download ShowBox  APK because without the ShowBox APKyou will not be able to install Show Box and use it on your Android device. Now that you know all this, we will first download the ShowBox APK file that will be used for installing it on the Android device of your choice.

There are two mirrors you can download the ShowBox App from. Both of them are listed below:

You can use either of the above given links to download Show Box as the APK download files are the same only the link sources are different. Both of them will work perfectly no matter where the ShowBox App Download has been performed. Now that you have downloaded the ShowBox APK file and the ShowBox app download is complete, just move the APK to the phone or tablet’s internal memory and afterwards you can move to the installation part.

Step 2: Install

Now that you have downloaded Show Box install APK file and moved it on your Android device for installation purposes, we can now start installing the ShowBox APK file in order to have the app on your device.

Since in this process you are basically side loading the app, you need to alter a few of the settings before moving forward with this installation procedure. Follow the below mentioned procedure:

  • First of all you need to find and open the Settings app on your Android phone or tablet.
  • Now that you have opened the Settings app, you need to go to Settings > Security and look for an option named Unknown Sources.
  • Now that you have found the option, you need to make sure that this option is checked and it is very important else the file will not be install and this whole procedure will fail. So follow the steps carefully.
  • Now open the file manager present on your Android device and navigate to the APK for ShowBox that you just download and tap it once to start the setup.
  • Now on the next screen, you will be shown a bunch of information which will also show the permissions that the app needs. You just tap Install and the app will be installed on your device.
  • The installation might take some time depending on you phone. Just wait until it is done.


ShowBox App

Now all is done and the phone is now loaded with the ShowBox app and this is how you can easily install ShowBox app on your Android device.

Exploring the ShowBox App

Now that the ShowBox App Download & install is complete, you can use it for the first time, you might get a prompt that may ask you to update the app. So, just go ahead and tap update. Having the latest and updated version of the app is important to get the best possible experience from the app. Not only do you get new and updated features, but updates are provided by the developers to make sure the app does not have any bugs and works more smoothly.

The update process will take some time and this process will download the new updated APK file for the app and it will ask you to install it so just go ahead and tap the install button and it will be done in no time. Wait for the install to finish and then after it is finished, you can open the app again.

ShowBox Update

After the update process is complete, you will notice that the look of the application has changed a bit. The app also works a lot more faster and has better UI and better features. This makes the overall experience better for the app and the user experience is made more better by the updates.


As soon as you start the app, you will notice that the new app has now taken a few hints from the material design regulations by Google. Google makes sure that they provide a app design methodology to developers to make sure the users of Android can have an amazing and intuitive experience with whatever app that they are using.

Coming back to the interface features, as soon as you fire up the app, you will see the first screen that will take a few seconds to update and this is important since the app is downloading all the data required for the TV shows and other information that it has to show you and after the update process is complete, you will notice that it will show you the list of all the movies you can stream or download in tiles format. This is a very nice feature since if you download, you can also watch these on the go.

ShowBox App Movies

Swiping from the left will show you a side menu that has options to navigate into TV Shows, Favorites, Downloads and other Updates.


Who doesn’t love movies? We all do and you can definitely use this app to download or stream and watch movies that you like.

As the name suggests, you can download or stream movies listen in the tiles from here easily. You can also tap on the lens icon to search through the available movies and the results will be shown in real time and you can choose from the result and start watching these movies as per your liking and convenience.

Show Box

Do you see the extra menu icon? You can also tap on the three dotted menu to fire up the secondary menu that will allow you to sort results by genre, year, ratings and more! Isn’t this a great thing to sort the types of movies that you want to watch?

TV Shows

Movies are something that might have a sequel or they don’t but TV shows are something that keep us entertained for a full season. The name of this section says it all. The menu and interface is quite similar to that of movies and you can just tap through your favorite TV show and stream an episode that you want to watch.

You can search through the TV shows and you can also sort them via genres, years etc. which is a very good thing to have if you are planning to explore things to watch.

ShowBox Download

When you open up a TV show you chose, you will see options from which you can choose seasons and episodes. It is all laid out in such an easy to navigate way.


ShowBox Free Movies App

You can also choose favorites between the movies and TV shows and you will find these under the option named favorites. It’s useful if you just watch a couple of shows so you can fire up the app and watch it on the go.

Downloads & Updates

ShowBox App Download

ShowBox is all over great and there is a reason for that. This section of the app will show the downloaded shows and movies so you can go ahead and watch them again if you wish to. You can watch it as per your time and place and even on the go once the movie has been downloaded.

The updates section on this app makes sure that you get all the updates about the shows and movies you like so this is also a fun area to explore. You will learn a lot about your favorite characters and you can always stay ahead when someone asks you about something about the TV show and you have trivia and more interesting facts to offer!


All in all ShowBox is an amazing application that you can use on your Android device which can either be a mobile phone or a tablet. With ShowBox App, you can also watch your favorite movies and shows on the go since all you need to do is fire up the app. You don’t need to register or even pay for any of the usage. Just download, install, fire up the application and enjoy!


ShowBox App Download
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