Apps like ShowBox – Best ShowBox App Alternatives

Apps like ShowBox – Best ShowBox App Alternatives to Watch Movies and TV Series on Android Smartphone: ShowBox is the first app that you should look for if you want a small app that lets you watch movies and TV shows for free on your Android or iOS devices. ShowBox provides you a great deal of movies and TV shows to choose from and the list is obviously updated frequently with a whole new catalog of movies that you can watch. But as you can expect, for such an amazing application, there will obviously be a huge number of users and due to this, sometimes the ShowBox servers crash. Now, there is a good reason why one should look for Apps like ShowBox.

This is what the post is about. In this post, you will find some of the best apps like ShowBox that you can use when ShowBox is down. Some of the listed ShowBox alternatives are premium while other also offer free content. You can choose an app as per your choice. We will list down features and names of different apps that you can try. One of the obvious choices is Netflix but lets not forget that it is still a paid service for which you have to pay a specific sum per month but there are free services like Hotstar which work well. Let’s get started.

Apps like ShowBox – 6 Best ShowBox Alternatives

Following at the apps that we will talk about and explain everything about. We will list the features, advantages, how to install and some other information wherever necessary in order to explain things in a detailed manner. Some of the listed apps are free and freely available while for some you need to pay. Apps like Hotstar come under the freemium category in which some content is free and then you can choose to pay and get access to the premium section of the app.

The list of apps here in this post are:

  • Netflix – Premium
  • Hotstar – Freemium
  • Crackle – Free
  • CinemaBox – Free
  • Hulu – Premium
  • Hubi – Free

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The first choice for anyone would be Netflix and I am sure people will love what Netflix has to offer. Not only do they add new content frequently, but they also have their own original titles that is loved by people across the world. Netflix is known for producing their own titles such as House of Cards, Jessica Jones, Daredevil and many others for people who love watching original content. Netflix basically has a set of plans to choose from and the first month is free for everyone who is trying Netflix for the first time.

The per month charges of Netflix start at $8 for one screen and SD quality content streaming. You can upgrade to a higher tier which allows you to stream HD content on 2 screens for $10 and the last plan of $12 allows you to stream HD and Ultra HD content on 4 screens simultaneously. Some of the best shows to watch on Netflix include Marvel’s Daredevil, House of Cards and you can even watch shows like Gotham and more.

To install the Netflix app on Android, just go ahead and open the Play Store and then search by entering “Netflix” and then you can install the app and then you can use Netflix normally by signing in. On iOS, you can do the same and go ahead and install the Netflix app from the App Store as it is officially available.



Just like Netflix, Hotstar is also a video on demand service that allows people to watch movies, TV shows and many more things across different genres and categories. The only difference between Netflix and Hotstar is that Netflix does not have any free content section while on Hotstar you can watch freely available movies and TV shows. There is also a very functional Android as well as iOS app for Hotstar that you can download from your respective app stores. For Android, download the app from Play Store and for iOS just open the App Store and download the Hotstar app.

Hotstar currently mainly has much of the Indian content and they are adding content from across the world as we speak. In fact, you can watch HBO shows like Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley and more just 10 minutes after they are aired in USA which is a really cool thing. There is a premium plan from Hotstar that is available for mere Rs. 199 which converts to $3.5 per month and it is very nominal.



In many ways, Crackle is also like Hotstar and it is used by more than 30 million people around the world. You will notice that they add entertaining content every month and you can sign up with Crackel and enjoy those movies as well as TV shows. Crackle is also available for a number of devices including your Android as well as iOS device and even consoles like Playstation and Xbox.

You have the option to choose from and watch thousands of movies from Hollywood. As mentioned, you will also find different TV serials as well. You also get access to their apps totally for free and you can easily cast the movies from the apps to your Chromecast. Crackle is a very good app if you are looking for apps like ShowBox.

Installing Crackle is very easy and straightforward. For Android it is available on Play Store. Just sign into your Google account on your Android phone and then open PlayStore. You will see that you have a search bar where you can search the app by typing Crackle and you will find it in the search results. You can install it by tapping the install button and it will start downloading on your device. The installation on iOS is just as easy as installation on Android.

On iOS just open the App Store and search for the app by entering “Crackle” in the search space and then you will be able to see the search results and in between these search results, you will find the Crackle app. Just open the app page and go ahead and install it. It will take some time depending on how much speed you get on your internet.



CinemaBox, previously known as Playbox HD is one of the best ShowBox alternatives that you should look for. The app is available for free and you can download it for both iOS as well as Android. The app is not available on official app stores of Android or iOS so you have to download and sideload the app differently. For Android you just need to get the APK but for iOS you need to Jailbreak your iOS device.

The app and the content on the app is updated rather frequently and the list of new movies is added as they are released. The app also has a support for Chromecast, Apple TV, Wifi Sharing which is another plus point of using CinemaBox. There is also a Kids Mode which is a great feature for your kids to use. You can download the movies as per your wish to watch them later.

To install CinemaBox on an Android device, just go to the website of CinemaBox and browse to the download for Android section and download the APK. Then transfer the APK into your phone and install it. You have to make sure that you have checked Unknown Sources so you can install APKs from outside of Play Store. To do that, go to Settings > Security > Check Unknown Sources. This is all you need to do.

For iOS the process is a bit complex and you should follow this video to complete the installation.



Hulu is a service just like Netflix that offers their viewers some great quality content to watch. You will find movies, TV shows across different genres and you also get access to their app in their paid plan. There are two plans to choose from. First is a $7.99 plan in which you get everything except you will be shown ads from time to time. If you want to stay away from ads, then just subscribe to the $11.99 per month plan which will give you everything plus no ads. Hulu has one big advantage over Netflix. While current season shows take time to be added on Netflix, Hulu adds them the very next day after airing which is a great thing.

Hulu is available for iOS devices, Android devices and other devices like the gaming consoles e.g. Playstation, Xbox and more. Now, Hulu is available for iOS and Android as mentioned and to install these apps, you just have to open your Play Store and look for Hulu.

For Android, open the Play Store and make sure you are signed into your Google account. If not, then you will be asked if you want to add an account and follow the process to add a Google account. Then again, open the Play Store, search Hulu and then tap Install. Depending on your internet speed, the app will be downloaded and you can start using it.

On an iOS device, just open the App Store and search for Hulu then install the app from the product page and it will install in a minute or two. After it is installed, just log into your Hulu account and start watching your favorite stuff.


Hubi App

Hubi is also a great ShowBox alternative and it provides a great platform for streaming and downloading movies and TV shows. It is not only free, but it also a great a platform for people who are familiar with ShowBox. You can stream and download the movies and TV shows of your choice from your choice of source and since it is a client side app, there is no possibility of the server going down. It will work 100% times you try it. Features of Hubi include being able to download or stream your favorite movie of TV show and you can choose to play it on a player of your choice. You can choose to play on MX Player or even VLC Media Player for Android as per your choice.

Features of Hubi include being able to download or stream your favorite movie of TV show and you can choose to play it on a player of your choice. You can choose to play on MX Player or even VLC Media Player for Android as per your choice. You can easily share the downloaded movies and TV show as well which is another great addition. As mentioned, Hubi is officially available on Android store i.e. Play Store so you can go there and install Hubi directly.

These were some of the best apps like ShowBox that allow you to watch or stream movies, TV shows and more as per your choice. Personally I prefer Netflix and Hotstar since the content they offer is always top notch and high quality. Even the price of their service is very low and that is another great point to consider while choosing such an app.

Of course, ShowBox is a very good app but there can be a possibility when ShowBox faces downtime or maintenance and load from such huge number of viewers and that is why you should look for apps like ShowBox that can entertain you when ShowBox is down. Which one of these do you personally like and which one are you going to use?

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