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Best ShowBox Movies of 2016 – The Ultimate ListShowBox is a great app if you are looking for an application that not only lets you stream movies and TV shows, but allows you to do all this for free. ShowBox is available for Android as well as iOS and you can find the installation process right on our website. You can find the installation procedure for ShowBox for Android and ShowBox for iOS. ShowBox allows people to watch the latest movies and TV shows across various different genres and categories.

ShowBox comes with different features that any movie or TV show lover can stick with. ShowBox is a much superior app as compared to the competitors and you can always find the latest movies and TV shows available for you to watch as compared to Netflix which always delays a certain amount of time before adding new content. The content and ShowBox movies are added frequently as soon as they are released and that is a great thing. We will take a look at some of the best ShowBox movies that you can watch on the app and we will review them in this post but before doing all that, let us take a look at the features that ShowBox has to offer.

Features of ShowBox – Best Movies and TV Show Streaming App

  • The ShowBox app is very easy to setup and anyone can easily use it even people with little or no technical knowledge
  • The user interface is really simple to understand in the ShowBox app and one can just install the app and start using it right away without learning anything
  • The app is very light and does not slow the phone or the device it is being run on down and it even works well with older phones
  • The best think about ShowBox is that you do not need any account at all to use the app, all you need to do is install it and that is all
  • Now that you do not need an account to use ShowBox, there is no need for the long sign in procedure as well so you can just install and use the app right away
  • As mentioned, the user interface of ShowBox is very good and the movies and TV shows are laid out in an intuitive manner so you can easily look through your options of movies and TV shows
  • All the TV shows and movies are laid out and you can recognize them with the help of the posters and banners that are related to the movie or the TV show
  • The TV show or the movie that you want is streamed directly to your device via ShowBox servers so the process is quick
  • You can definitely stream a movie but you can also download the movie or the TV show as you have the option to do so
  • You can choose to tune the quality of video that you want to stream depending on the internet speed that you have
  • As you can choose the quality when you stream and you have the same option when you want to download the movie directly to your device
  • You can find all the downloaded movie in a different folder on your device and hence it is easy to manage the downloaded stuff
  • The option to stream your movie or the TV show in HD quality is available which is a great option
  • After you have completed the download of the movie or the TV show, you can easily share it with your friends as well
  • You have numerous and different genres to choose from.

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Best ShowBox Movies Online to Watch in 2016

ShowBox movies has a lot of movies and TV shows to offer and if you are looking for one of the best ShowBox movies to watch then you can check the reviews out below. All the movies listed below are good for all kinds of audience and they come across in different genres like Action, Sci-Fi, Comedy, Drama etc.

Different people have different tastes when it comes to movies and TV shows and hence ShowBox is the best app for them since there are so many categories and genres listed that you can choose from and then watch. The latest TV shows are also available as they come out so you can watch them right when they roll the updated list of content out.

Furious 7: Cars don’t fly!


Fast and Furious Franchise is becoming interesting day by day. Just when people thought it can’t get any better than Fast and Furious 6, director James Wan came up with Furious 7 which is even better than the last part.  Movie lovers had a very big expectation from the movie as all the previous movies of this amazing franchise has created a new genre in the movie industry. While some people like romantic movies, some like action movies, Fast and Furious movies are made for car lovers.

As we saw in the after credits scene that Han Seoul-Oh played by Sung Kang is killed by Deckard Shaw played by Jason Statham. The movie mainly revolves around Deckard Shaw who tries his level best to take revenge for his brother Own Shaw who was defeated by Dominic and Team. Furious 7 came into news way before the actual release due to the sudden demise of Paul Walker who played the role of Brian O’Conner in the previous instalments. The movie was delayed due to this incident and later Caleb & Cody, brothers of Paul Walker along with CGI were used to complete the movie.

Before coming to the storyline of the movie let’s bit talk about the characters. Vin Diesel will always remain the talking point whenever there would be a discussion about Fast and Furious. The character of Dominic Toretto is a badass and loves to play with guns and car but at the very same time he is always concerned about the safety and well-being of his family and loved ones. It almost seems impossible to even think anyone else playing the role of the leader and head of the house, Dominic Toretto apart from Vin Diesel.

Brian O’Conner aka Paul Walker started his journey as an undercover detective in the series whose mission is to solve a series of semi-trailer truck hijackings. However, things didn’t go as he planned and he ends up being a part of a criminal team. Most of the audience automatically connects with the character of Brian as he always plans to be the good guy but situations make him choose the track which only lead to a life running away from cops.

Dwayne Johnson was not a part of the cast in the first few instalments but now he is one of the main lead of the movie. He plays the role of Hobbs who is a cop and doesn’t fear anything. The scene when he starts shooting machine gun to bring down a helicopter shows that he is totally unstoppable. We have already watched the previous movies that Hobbs have generated a small soft corner in his heart for Dom and his team.

While we all have seen these three in action before, it was the first time for Jason Statham and it would not be an exaggeration to say that he was born to play the role of Deckard Shaw who is a rogue special force assassin and is ready to go the nay level to avenge his brother. Playing with cars was not a first time for Jason as we have already watched him doing unbelievable stunts in Transporter series. He looks natural in the movie and has made the movie like a hunting show where he is hunting the Dom and his team.

Characters like Roman aka Tyrese Gibson and Tej played by Ludacris are there in the movie to make sure that there is just enough comedy in the movie and there is no overdose of action. One liner of Roman and witty answers by Tej would make you laugh a lot. The one scene where Roman just comes out of nowhere to outplay Deckard shows he is more than just a member of the team. Ludacris plays a role of techie who has a solution for almost everything.

I will not spoil the fun for you by telling you the story of the movie but it is one of that kind of movie which can be watched with family, friends and even alone. The movie comes in action right from the start and stays in it till the end. The movie is longer than 2 hours but thanks to some amazing action scenes and interesting storyline one don’t feel any boredom.

The real action in the movie starts in Abu Dhabi where you will see Ali Zafar playing a cameo. There are scenes in the movie where you will rewind the movie to watch those scenes again and again. One such scene is where Dom and Brian flies one of the costliest car of the world from one tower to another and then to another to finally dropping it from the tallest minaret in the world. After watching this scene, you will understand why Brian kept on saying “Cars don’t fly” in the entire franchise. Another great scene is when Dom and team parachute down from an airplane. Well, there is nothing great about coming down in a parachute but, it does become interesting when you are in a car.

Jason Statham had made all the fight scene majestic and full of action. Be it hand to hand fight with Dwayne Johnson or chasing Vin Diesel in a car to kill him, Jason Statham has proved that you just give him a car and a gun and leave the rest up to him. Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster, & Nathalie Emmanuel have also fully justified their characters.

Should you watch this movie or not? If you wish to see Cars flying from one building to another or from plane to land, this is one movie which will fulfil all your wishes. Apart from love for cars, the movie also shows that you will do anything to save your family. The last four minutes’ acts as a tribute to Paul Walker. The final dialogue by Vin Diesel where we see two different paths for Dom and Brian will certainly bring a smile on your face.

Deadpool: Hero or Villain?


Deadpool was one of the most awaited movies of the year 2016. Deadpool is in the news since last year due to the fact that it is one of the handful R-Rated movies of Marvel. The trailer of the movie received a great response from people all across the globe and director Tom Miller fully utilized the moment by releasing it on Valentine’s Day.

Deadpool is one of the most entertaining movies by Marvel till now. I could have used the word best or great but there is a big difference between a good movie and entertaining movie. The movie features many scenes where you would see blood all over the screen which is the reason that it is the first movie in the X-Men Series to get R Rating. The success of the movie can be calculated by the fact that it is still the sixth highest grossing film of the current year and highest grossing R-Rated movie of all time. The movie received praises from all corners of the world which forced 20th Century Fox to work on its Sequel.

The movie revolves around the character of Wade Wilson who is a former special forces operative and is fighting terminal cancer. The movie deals with how Wade Wilson is contacted by a stranger who claims to cure his cancer but ends up doing an experiment on him which turns Wade into something different from human being. Now, the main motive of Wade Wilson or now known as Deadpool is to find Francis, the stranger and kill him.

We have already seen Ryan Reynolds in Green Lantern. After trying his luck with DC, Ryan finally joined Marvel to get his best role of the life. Just like we have Robert Downey Junior as Iron Man, we now have Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool. Deadpool is a character who doesn’t consider himself as a hero or as a villain. He is happy go lucky person whose only mission is to kill Francis and get back to the love of his life.

The role of villain, Francis is played by Ed Skrein. Francis is a weapon expert and has this great power which makes him immune to pain. According to the director of the movie, Skrein did over 80 % of his own stunts. We also have Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Colossus who tries their level hard to convince Deadpool stay on the correct path and use his powers for something good. Just like every other Marvel Movie, Stan Lee is also there in the movie playing a cameo role.

Coming to the movie, it is a complete pack of entertainment. The comic timing of Ryan Reynolds is just perfect. Be it the funny conversation between taxi driver Dopinder and Deadpool or the way Deadpool escapes from the chain by cutting his own hand, there are funny elements in a movie which keep on coming from time to time. The highway fight scene is my personal favourite part of the movie and I am pretty much sure that it will be yours too.

One of a unique thing about Marvels movie is that they don’t just end in a simple way. People watching Marvel movies stays in the theatre even when the movie ends to watch the after credits scene which generates, even more, curiosity. I would suggest you to have some patience and do watch the after credit scene as Deadpool have something special in it for you.

Ant-Man: Tiny but Powerful!

There is no doubt in the fact that Ant-Man is not as popular as other Marvel Characters. Only hard core Fans of Marvels knew about Ant-Man. However, the movie changed this notion and now we all know about Ant-Man and his powers.

When it comes to Marvels movies, you expect a lot of action, magic and people with Super Power. Don’t judge the movie when I say that you won’t find any one of these in Ant-Man. Ant-Man is a super hero who is not a billionaire neither a scientist. He is not an alien and certainly does not have any super strength or intelligence. This is what makes Ant-Man interesting.

The role of Ant-man is played by Paul Rudd who has done a decent job. The character Scott Lange is a thief who loves his daughter very much. The role of villain is played by Corey Stoll. He plays the role of Yellow Jacket. When the hero is different how could the villain be same? If you are a Marvel Fan, you would have noticed that almost all Marvels Villain either wants to end the world or tile the world by Yellow Jacket just wants power and money which seems believable. The movie also shows the relationship of a father and a daughter where the father is trying to safeguard his daughter but she claims that she can protect herself on her own. Michael Douglas has played the role of Hank Pym who is the inventor of the suit and the technology that shrinks a person in height and length but, increases his strength. Evangeline Lilly has played the role of Hope van Dyne, daughter of Hank who claims that she is all ready to wear the suit but Hank doesn’t allows her to do so for her own safety.

The movie features some very impressive visual effects and I would suggest you to watch the movie in 3D. Ant-Man is not the best movie of Marvel but it is also not the worst. It doesn’t feature as much action as other Marvel movie but story line will make you sit and watch the movie till the end. The after credits scenes hints that a sequel is in the pipeline and may feature yet another not so famous character of Marvel, a wasp.  A decent movie with a gripping storyline, Ant-Man can be watched if you wish to see something different from main stream Marvel Movies. Just don’t expect too much action from the movie and you are good to go.

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman and Superman are considered as pillars of the DC. On one side we have a normal human being who with the help of tech and his will power is trying to clean up his city, we have another person who is not even from this world and poses supernatural powers and abilities.

Dawn of Justice was the most awaited movie of the year and fans for waiting for it for various reasons. Ask any DC fan who is Batman and they will instantly answer, Christian Bale. The Dark Knight marked a new benchmark for the Batman character that it seemed like no one else can play the role of Batman better then Christian Bale.

The world knew that Ben Affleck would be their new Batman but, no one was ready to accept this fact. Although Ben Affleck did his best and gave a tough completion to Christian Bale. The preparations and efforts made by Ben are clearly visible in the movie. He looks more fit and serious then Bale. The new bat mobile and Alfred also feels refreshing.

Another talking point of the movie was the character of Lex Luthor played by Jesse Eisenberg who fails to impress. While many will disagree with me but my personal opinion is that he doesn’t fit the character. Henry Cavil is the modern age Superman and depicts the role of most powerful person on earth without any flaw. Gal Gadot perfectly plays the role of Wonder Woman and looks stunning.

Since it is a DC movie it would not be fair to expect comedy from it. Unlike Marvel, DC is way more serious and focuses on creating the story then filling it with funny one liners. The first half of the movie may disappoint you a bit as it seems bit lengthy but when you have to plan the most epic fight of the world you need to set a story for it. The first half deals with how people and government are going against Superman. The movie is lengthy if we compare it with average Hollywood movies but when you have both Superman and Batman in one movie it tends to take time.

The real action in the movie starts with the second half and movie features one of the best action scenes you have ever watched. The CGI, visual effects, and dialogue compliment the movie in a beautiful way. Music has played an important role in the movie and fits right into it. The background music by Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL with two most powerful man’s fighting to death is something you gets to watch once in a life time.

The movie received a mixed response from fans. While many complained that movie was way too dark and serious, some appreciated it for this very same thing. The movie still managed to break many records and turned out to be a blockbuster. It received one of the biggest openings and proved that Zack Snyder is still in the race for being the best director.

The movie surely opened new doors for DC. Marvel was ruling the box office when it comes to Super heroes movie but Dawn of Justice has changed this and now we have a complete line-up of movies. With Dawn of Justice, DC has cleared its intention that it is now ready to face the Marvel. Dawn of Justice has set a track for movies like Wonder Woman, Justice League, Aqua man etc. It is also clear that Erza Miller would be the new Flash, Jason Momoa the new Aqua Man, Ray Fisher would be the Cyborg and Gal Gadot would be the Wonder Woman in upcoming Justice League movie.

Although the one downside of the movie was the reason for which both the heroes starts gighting and then stop it. To make it short, Lex Luthor kidnaps Superman’s mom and threaten to kill her if he doesn’t kill the batman. Now, the batman wants to end Superman because as per him he is the false God and needs to be controlled. Watch the movie on you own to know why they stops fighting and you will agree with me. The scene where Batman dreams that Superman has taken the rule over the earth will send a chill down your spine.

It is very difficult to talk more about movie without giving out any spoilers but my suggestion would be to watch the movie with neutral mind. The movie is full of Easter eggs so don’t miss out on the details. Don’t judge the movie even before watching it because you have read the review. Just watch it and decide it for yourself. You would not be disappointed.

Captain America: Civil War

Civil War

The best part about Marvel is that it doesn’t play much with the characters. We are watching Chris Evans as Captain America and Robert Downey Junior as Iron Man since a long time. Marvel has made sure that characters remain there in the mind of fans. Just when you thought that Marvel cannot come up with something better now, they came up with Civil War.

Civil War is a beautifully crafted movie and is a perfect blend of entertainment and action. It is a kind of movie which needs a story first and then action. It was clear from the days of Avengers that Tony Stark & Steve Rogers doesn’t go along and that is what Civil War is all about. Both the characters are totally different. The movie deals with how Tony Stark wants to find out and kill the person who killed his parents and how Steve Rogers have to save that person as the killer is his best friend.

It becomes difficult to not to mess up things when you have too many characters in one movie. With Avengers, Marvel proved that it can be done easily but then we saw Age of Ultron and rest is history. However, it seems like Marvel learned from it mistakes and proved again that it can still make a great movie. The movie features all major characters like Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man, Ant-Man, Black Widow, Hawk, Winter Soldier Bucky Barnes, Falcon, War Machine, Hawkeye, Black Panther, Vision, Scarlet Witch, Ant-Man and many more. Yes, Civil War features that many characters and still manage to show case each character enough that it is noticeable. Cameo of Spiderman was a fun and despite being there in a movie for only 10-15 minutes, he did make a great impact. The fight scene at airport

The movie has got it all which is needed to make a perfect movie. There is enough amount of action in it and when you have Robert Downey Junior you can expect amazing one liners. There are few scenes in the movie which will make you go awestruck. Sebastian Stan who played the role of Bucky Barnes looks badass and shows it what it takes to become a winter soldier. Chadwick Boseman has impressed a lot and has beautifully played the role of Black Panther.

If you have not watched the movie yet, I would suggest you to stop doing whatever you are doing and just watch it.

Wolf of the Wall Street: Showcasing ugly truth of Wall Street

The Wolf Of Wall Street

Wolf of the Wall Street perfectly shows the dark side of being a stock broker on Wall Street. It is based on the true story of Jordan Belfort. Leonardo DiCaprio has played the role of Jordan and the entire movie shows his rise to an ultra-rich stock broker who in involved in all kinds of crime and corruption. Directed and produced by Martin Scorses, it is his highest grossing movie till now.

There are very few Hollywood movies which are three hours long. Wolf of the Wall Street is one such movie but the difference here is that you won’t feel the same. The story keeps on becoming interesting as it progresses. The movie feels like a roller coaster ride as it depicts the rise of Jordan from a normal middle-class person to a wealthy stock broker who lives a ravish life, have a super model as a wife and drives a luxury car. Jonah Hill has played the role of his life time and looks natural on the screen as the partner of Jordan. The character of Donnie Azoff did win him a nomination for best supporting actor in Oscar but, Jared Leto won it for Dallas Buyers Club.

The movie also faced many criticisms due to the depiction of heavy drug usage, explicit sexual content, use of animals and vulgar words. It is hard to believe that despite being such a great movie and so many nominations, not a single Oscar was given to it. If you are planning to have a great laugh, this is a must watch movie for you. It is an R-rated movie and I would suggest you to not watch it with your parents for obvious reasons.

X-Men: Apocalypse

X-Men Apocalypse

We all are watching the X-Men movies since our childhood days. It is one of the best movie series in Hollywood and is immensely popular across the globe. It is the second universe of Marvel which is totally different from Avengers. All X-Men movies revolve around the fight between mutants.

Directed by Bryan Singer, X-Men Apocalypse is the ninth part of X-Men Series which feature the very first mutant En Sabah Nur or more popularly known as Apocalypse. The movie deals with how Apocalypse is back and wish to destroy the world to start it again from the scratch. The movie treats for Marvel lovers. When the news hit the internet that Sophie Turner would be replacing Famke Jannsen as Jean Grey the world got divided into two parts. While half of the world was in favor of this change, half of them believed that only Famke Jannsen can play the role of Jean.

Sophie Turner looks beautiful and has done a great job. It was difficult for her to fill in the shoes of Famke Jannsen but she did a fabulous job and there are scenes in the movie where she has proved that Bryan Singer was right to cast her. The duo of James McAvoy & Michael Fessbender is flawless when it comes to playing the role most powerful mutant on earth. James McAvoy actually shaved his head for the movie which shows his dedication to the movie and character. Jennifer Lawrence looks marvelous as always. Evan Peters is also new to this X-Men franchise and has made a great impact. You will become his fan after watching the scene where he saves everyone thanks to his great speed.

The scene where Apocalypse manages to convince Magneto to join him and makes the speech to destroy the world will give you Goosebumps for sure. The movie has got great action scenes and the screenplay is just outstanding. The cameo of Wolverine by our very own Hugh Jackman was exciting. Although, he is there in the movie for mere 5-10 minutes but the destruction made by Weapon X in that time slot is almost equal to the destruction made in the entire movie. If you look closely, you will find Bryan Singer as one of the guards trying to kill Wolverine. Good luck finding him in piles of people being killed by Logan.

X-Men Apocalypse is a brilliant addition to the X-Men series and is a must watch movie for all Marvel and X-Men lovers. Don’t forget to watch the after-credits scene as there is something which is worth watching. Don’t judge the movie on the basis of any review, watch it and see for yourself whether it is yet another great movie by Marvel or not.

Some Classic ShowBox Movies

These are some of the best ShowBox movies that you can watch today itself on the app but this list is definitely not complete without mentioning some classics. Take a look at some movies listed below that you can watch in the ShowBox movies section of the app.

The Avengers

the avengers

Loki, the god from Asgard is trying to take over the Earth and he wants to make all the humans kneel down in front of him. He uses the army of Chitauri to attack the world. He is stopped by the mightiest heroes on Earth known as The Avengers. But each and every team has to go through rough patches and so do The Avengers. Watch their amazing ordeal of being a part of the team and working together to defeat the enemy that is trying to take over the Earth.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

the perks of being a wallflower

This drama is adapted from a novel into a movie and this is the exact replication of the book in the form of the movie and it feels like it as well. You see a 15 year old bright boy, Charlie’s journey as he enters high school and his life. He is a boy with his own problems and soon he comes across a brother and a sister pair which he is now friends with. Watch how he goes through his school journey and his love life as the movie moves forward.

Tron: Legacy

tron legacy

Flynn is the father of technology and his company changed the whole world’s technological face for good. But ever since he went missing one night, the board of directors of his company has take over the operations and they are now running the business just for profits. Until one day, Flynn’s best friend Alan gets a message on his Pager that Flynn asked him to keep. Is Flynn alive? Watch the movie as his son looks for his father and finds out his father created a whole new world inside computers. It is an epic saga with an epic story that you definitely should not miss.



Christopher Nolan is a genius and people who watch his films know that. Interstellar is a movie about the time when humans are slowly running out of food and the world has now stopped all wars to make sure they have enough food for citizens. In between all this, NASA is looking for a different world where humans can continue their journey. Watch the story of an amazing pilot as he separates himself from his family and goes on an interstellar journey between different galaxies to look for a world that is suitable for humans.

The Big Lebowski

the big lebowski

Watch “The Dude” in his comedic adventures of going through a totally confusing and hilarious mess created by a gold-digger girl and his husband as the movie goes. The story starts off as a story of The Dude and ends in a phase where you want more of him.

These were some of the best ShowBox movies that you can watch on the ShowBox app. There is also a TV shows category if you are more into TV shows so there is so much content that you will never run out of.

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