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ShowBox for Windows PC and Mac OS X App Download: We live in the era of information – the only way to win is to know things that others do not, and in this world life can become extremely stressful which makes entertainment not a luxury but a necessity – and some countries do understand this like the UK where citizens pay a license fee that gets used to create entertainment for the public and is made available to every citizen at no charge. However, not everyone has such opportunities so today we are going to discover ShowBox for PC – an app that lets you watch your favorite TV shows and Movies whenever you want, no matter where you are. ShowBox for PC  is not technically for the PC – but we are going to use BlueStacks to emulate the Android app on PC, therefore we not only have ShowBox for Windows  but also ShowBox for Mac. ShowBox for PC  lets you watch thousands of international TV Shows and Movies at no cost, and lets you watch any episode – from the first episode of Supernatural aired in 2006 to the latest aired in 2016 for example. The library is quite large as well and includes older shows too such as XFiles – same with the movies. All of it is available instantly on demand and is completely free.

What Exactly is ShowBox?


ShowBox – as said – is an app primarily made for the Android operating system but we are going to use BlueStacks to emulate it on a PC, so we can call it ShowBox for PC . ShowBox lets you browse through its library of thousands of TV Shows and Movies and stream any of it for free, and in this post we are going to tell you how to install it – making this knowledge priceless. While ShowBox is quite popular among the people who demand instant entertainment, its developers have abandoned its development for personal reasons, and so the bugs that are in it are here to stay – but we can workaround those since what the app offers is priceless.

ShowBox has been kept alive by the community of people that have built around it because of how well the app works – let’s face it, the idea of the app is not unique in itself, but the fact that the app works almost flawlessly is what has kept the app alive and the people stick to it religiously. While it does has its flaws such as the various unfixable bugs it features a pleasant and easy to user interface while keeping everything simple and also giving you exactly the kind of streaming performance you demand from an app like this.

ShowBox for PC and Mac

The fact that ShowBox delivers all of this free is also appreciated – not only is the content free, but the developers of the app do not charge anything, and do not even require you to sign up or make any sort of account with them leaving you with complete privacy and all of your money – something rare to find in today’s world where everyone demands your a lot of your private information to even start with. If you know how to install BlueStacks – or already have installed it – then you have already done most of the work, but if you don’t – no worries, you will learn that today. The process is quite simple at the end. BlueStacks lets you run Android apps on your Windows or Mac computer, allowing you to get ShowBox for Windows  or ShowBox for Mac .

ShowBox for PC  will not only let you stream your favorite TV Shows and Movies but also download them so you can watch them later when you do not have an internet connection – making this service one of its kind, as no other service offers that. With BlueStacks you can run ShowBox for PC  on Windows 10, 8.1 and 7. ShowBox for PC  also lets you select the exact quality you want your media in so you don’t waste your internet data and even lets you select your own media player – so you can play the movies and shows in VLC if that’s what you like. ShowBox for PC  also does not require any sort of sign up – so you do not have to input your email address anywhere, giving you full privacy.

Not everything is perfect though – since the development of this app has been abandoned by its developers, the bugs have to be tolerated – and one of the bugs can be a dealbreaker. Sometimes the content that you want to watch might not appear in your library even though it is available – to fix this, simply close the app and give it a full two minutes, then reopen. If you can deal with an annoying bug like this, continue reading how to get ShowBox for PC  installed.

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How to Download and Install ShowBox for PC and Mac?

ShowBox for PC

As said earlier, installing ShowBox isn’t very complicated – all you need is BlueStacks, which you can download by heading over to their official website. BlueStacks is completely free and is super easy to install. Simply follow these steps.

  • Simply download BlueStacks from their site and run the setup after it is downloaded. (There’s a standalone offline installer also available through external mirrors)
  • Now just click Next until it is installed – don’t try to change much of the default settings.

See? Two steps! Not that hard to install BlueStacks – and BlueStacks will let you run not only ShowBox for PC  but also any other Android app you may desire, so you can even play Android games on your PC if you like, or use your favorite apps from your Android phone or tablet.

We don’t want to change the default setup settings for BlueStacks because it is quite a complicated software – it is after all emulating a completely different operating system on top of your Windows or Mac computer, so leaving the settings as they are is recommended. If you know what you are doing though, you can change the settings as you desire – just know that if something doesn’t work, you were warned. Anyhow, installing BlueStacks isn’t that hard as you can clearly see and doesn’t require too many steps either.

ShowBox PC BlueStacks

Once you have BlueStacks installed, simply run it from the icon on your desktop or just use the search in Start Menu – now that we have BlueStacks up and running, we can install the ShowBox app on it. To do this, simply follow this link and download the ShowBox APK – remember, with BlueStacks you can have ShowBox for Windows  and ShowBox for Mac , so there are no barriers. All you have to do is follow these simple steps.

  • Download the ShowBox APK from our homepage.
  • BlueStacks should have assigned itself with the .apk format during installation if you didn’t change the default settings – so simply double click the .apk file and let BlueStacks install the app for you.
  • Once installed, you will see the ShowBox icon in the BlueStacks library.
  • Simply launch the ShowBox app in BlueStacks and enjoy your TV shows and movies.

And with that, you have ShowBox for PC running on Windows and Mac thanks to BlueStacks – wasn’t that hard right? Installing BlueStacks was as simple as clicking a few Next buttons and installing the APK was as easy as double clicking it – so there is not much hard work to it, just your favorite TV shows and movies to watch.

ShowBox also does not have many complicated settings – it still offers you nice features such as the ability to select your own video player, but it doesn’t give you an infinite number of complicated settings that you cannot begin to understand. ShowBox keeps things simple and clean but makes everything work exactly as it’s supposed to – which is what makes it loved by its users and has generated this community around it.

Once again, ShowBox lets you watch your favorite movies and TV shows without any hassle of signing up an account or forcing you to stream/ It also lets you download what you want to watch – so you can download media when data is cheap and watch it whenever you want. ShowBox also lets you manage your own list of movies and TV shows so you can keep track of what you want to watch and build a watch list. You can even select the exact quality you want your movies and shows in and once downloaded, you are free to share the files with your friends. And while the app is not in development anymore due to the abandonment by its developers, the community has managed to stick together and find workarounds for the popular bugs so people can enjoy the content they like as they like it.

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