ShowBox for iPhone and iPad App Download (iOS) without Jailbreak

ShowBox for iPhone and iPad is available easily just like it is available for Android. I’m sure ShowBox does not want to miss out on the huge number of people who use iOS devices and hence there is a version of ShowBox for people who have iOS devices and it is known as MovieBox. ShowBox for iPhone and iPad has all the amazing features that ShowBox has to offer, the difference just lies in the name and the interface of the application as the interface on iOS is a bit different from that of Android. Other than that, MovieBox and ShowBox are exactly the same apps. You get the same content, same functionalities and same everything on MovieBox when your compare it with ShowBox. This is why we are using the name ShowBox in the title.


ShowBox is easily available for Android and all you need is the APK to be able to install it on an Android device. But on iOS people seem to run into some problems and I have seen many guides on the internet that show people how to install MovieBox or ShowBox on iOS but these guides show the only way that is to jailbreak the device and then install the app.

Jailbreaking the device is an easy task and it opens a new world of possibilities for your iOS device but it can be complex to people who are not familiar with the technology that well. All these people want is to use MovieBox or ShowBox for iOS. These people have iOS devices like the iPhone, iPad, iPod etc. and they want to enjoy movies and TV shows on their iOS devices. What other good apps can do that if not ShowBox or MovieBox?

MovieBox or ShowBox for iOS offers free movies and TV shows for free and people can log on to the app anytime and start watching them.

But what about people who want to install MovieBox or ShowBox for iOS without Jailbreaking their iOS device? This is where this post comes in. I am writing this post with full details on how you or anyone with an iOS device can easily install the MovieBox or ShowBox for iOS easily. Just follow the details and you will be able to install it in no time. Before that let us see the features of MovieBox or ShowBox for iOS.

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Features of ShowBox for iPhone and iPad (iOS)

  • Very simple and easy to use app that even the non-technical person can use so easily
  • The user interface is also very good and one can just install it and then start using it without any learning curver.
  • Very light app and can work with old iPhones as well
  • You do not need to make an account to use MovieBox or ShowBox for iOS
  • Since there is no need to make an account, there will be no need to sign in as well so just start the app and start watching your favorite movies and videos
  • All the movies and the TV shows are listed in a very good layout so you can see the details and the choose to watch
  • You will see the movie poster to know more about the movies and TV shows before you choose to watch one
  • The movies and TV shows are played directly by streaming it from the ShowBox or MovieBox servers
  • You can either stream the movie or you can download the movie and then watch it later as per your wish
  • If you have a slow connection then you can turn the video quality down in order to watch the movies and TV shows properly
  • You can also choose the quality in which the movie or the TV show you want to download to have speedier downloads
  • The app makes different folder for the downloads so you can access the downloaded stuff easily
  • You can even watch the movies and TV shows in HD quality
  • Once you have downloaded, you can simply choose to share the downloaded movies or TV show
  • You have numerous and different genres to choose from.

Download and Install ShowBox for iPhone and iPad (iOS)

iOS is developed by Apple and it is known to be a very closed operating system for mobile phones. So many things are restricted on iOS that people can’t even do simple things like being able to change the layout, the icons and even add widgets. But jailbreaking the iOS device can do that. You can also not install an external app from outside of App Store without Jailbreaking but with this procedure you will be able to install MovieBox or ShowBox for iPhone, iPad and iPoad and all iOS devices easily without jailbreak.


After the app is installed, you can watch your favorite movies, TV shows and more as per your wish on the installed app on your iOS device. Just follow the procedure that we have listed below.

  • Open the web browser on your iOS device and visit or
  • I suggest you go to this website using your Safari browser on your iOS device and you can see there are two buttons when the page is loaded.
  • One download button is for Android and the other is for iOS. Just go ahead and click the download button for iOS.
  • When you click the download button, you will notice that there will be a pop up that will ask you to install the app.
  • Just go ahead and then click on Install.
  • You can go back to homescreen and you will notice it is installing.
  • You will have to open the app after the installation is done.
  • You will again get a notification pop up and in this pop up just tap on Trust.
  • After you open vShare, you will be able to search for apps.
  • Type MovieBox into the search bar and you will see the results.
  • Tap the install button infront of the MovieBox app and this will start installing the app on your phone.
  • You can look at the bottom of the vShare app in order to see the installation progress of MovieBox.
  • It might take a minute or two depending on the internet speed that you are connected to.
  • After the installation is complete you can see that MovieBox is appearing on the homepscreen of your iOS device.

This process is 100% working and people are using this actively to download and install MovieBox or ShowBox for their iOS devices without the Jailbreak. Make sure you are not updating your iOS version as Apple is always closing and fixing such ways of installation. If you update your phone to a newer iOS version, then you might face difficulties in using MovieBox or ShowBox on iOS.

All this problem is because of the strict regulations applied by Apple on the App Store and they don’t allow MovieBox or ShowBox on their app store and hence the users have to suffer because of these strict limitations.

Installing ShowBox on Android is far more easier and can be done so easily as compared to the whole ordeal that you have to follow on iOS devices. This is true for not only ShowBox but also many other applications that are not available on the App Store for iOS. Many people find it easy to just jailbreak their smartphone and then install MovieBox or ShowBox on their iOS device. In fact, if the above method does not work for you then I suggest you Jailbreak your phone and then install the MovieBox or the ShowBox app on your iPhone, iPad or any other iOS device.

Jailbreaking your iOS device will also help you in getting many more features that Apple otherwise does not allow you to have. To jailbreak your device, I suggest you look for a process with a clear tutorial on Just know your device and iOS version and search the procedure accordingly.

Let us get started with the process of how to install MovieBox or ShowBox for iOS with jailbreak.

showbox for iphone

Install ShowBox for iPhone and iPad App Download (iOS) with Jailbreak

Once you have jailbroken your iPhone, iPad or any other iOS device, you will have Cydia installed and then you can use it to install MovieBox or ShowBox. Just follow the steps given below.

  • Tap on Cydia and then go to the Sources tab.
  • Now that you are in Sources, just tap on Edit.
  • You can tap on the Add button and you will see a new pop up.
  • Now to get MovieBox or ShowBox for iOS, just enter the following URL:

  • After entering, just tap the Add Source button and then you will see that the source is added.
  • Now you have to choose the open the dtaThemes Repo.
  • In the dtaThemes Repo and then tap the dta-apps
  • Then you can see MovieBox 3 and then you can install it by tapping on it.

It will download the package and install MovieBox or ShowBox for iOS and you can then use it without any interruptions from Apple.

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