[Fix] ShowBox “Video Not Available, Try Another Server” Error

ShowBox is an app that was designed by keeping all the movie and TV show loving people in mind. As a ShowBox user, you can easily stream latest movies, TV shows and more directly from the app. The app works like a charm once you have installed it and the developers also keep updating their app in order to keep it bug free or updated to today’s standard. The functionality of this app, the UI and the user experience of this app is top notch.

But technology is not perfect and sometimes, things can go wrong and same is the case with ShowBox. Since ShowBox is such an amazing app, you can expect that people use it all the time and the number of people using it at the same time is huge too and hence due to server load, the servers go offline. The servers are sent offline for two things i.e. maintenance or upgrade.

Maintanance when a server is being serviced and being taken care of and upgrade when the server is being upgraded with better components. ShowBox has a huge number of users online simultaneously since it is available for Android devices, Android phones, Android tablets, iPhones, iOS devices like iPads etc. All these users amount to a very big number which can break the servers sometimes. You can face the “Video Not Available, Try Another Server Error” error but fret not as there is a fix that we are going to mention in this video. We will also list some troubleshooting steps that will help you in getting rid of the problem.

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“Video Not Available, Try Another Server Error” Error Fix

As mentioned, ShowBox sometimes faces downtimes due to some huge number of users using their services and this is something that can only be fixed from the server side. Whenever I face the issue, the ShowBox developers fix it in just 10-15 minutes.

But sometimes the problem can occur due to a faulty data connection as well. You can just turn your WiFi or data off and then restart your phone to see if it works. This also solves the problem most of the time. Alternatively, you can uninstall and then reinstall ShowBox and this is the last resort you should follow to fix this error.

But what about the other errors? How to fix them?

This is why we have also included a troubleshooting guide here in this very same post to help you and many others in fixing this problem and many others. Take a look at the troubleshooting questions one by one.

Is it perfectly safe to use ShowBox?

I have no idea what created this sort of doubt in your mind but yes, using ShowBox is indeed very safe and normal. You have an Android or iOS app that provides you all the content that you like right inside one app in different genres to choose from. It is a very well functioning app and 100% safe to use.

Video is Not Available – How to solve?

This is a problem that only ShowBox devs can fix and they remove content only due to some serious reason and hence you cannot fix this on your own. You can try updating the app and see if it works. Uninstalling and installing again is also recommended.

How To Stream ShowBox Films?

By default ShowBox allows you to stream videos right inside the app but you can also use other players. You can try an app like LocalCast Free. With this app you can choose any player to stream the videos. You can choose to connect to a Chromecast, DLNA or even an Xbox on the same network and it is very useful.

Subitles available for ShowBox?

Many prefer watching movies and TV shows with subtitles and it helps non native English speaking people understand the content well. You can download subtitles and the use the LocalCast Free app to have subtitles.

How to fix “Unfortunately Showbox has stopped”?

To fix this, you need to clear the data of ShowBox and to do that just follow the steps below.

  • Go to Settings > Apps > All > ShowBox > Storage > Clear data

    Showbox Error

This will clear the stored data that is causing the but and it will help you in solving this problem.

How to fix “Chromecast doesn’t support this format” error?

This is a very common error and very easy to fix too. Just follow the steps given below.

When you are connecting to a Chromecast using Showbox, you will see an option that reads “Use Experimental receiver“. Turn that option on and this will fix the problem.

So, these were some problems that bug people while using ShowBox and we also listed the solutions to these problems. You can go ahead and try them to get your bugs fixed.

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